'The Vampire Diaries' season 7 news: Ian Somerhalder directs next episode; CW orders another full season of supernatural show


The CW supernatural series “The Vampire Diaries” is currently on break. When it comes back, one of its main leads, Ian Somerhalder, will also take the reins behind the lenses.

Episode 16 titled “Days of Future Past ” will get to explain the reason behind Matt’s (Zack Roerig) foul mood that will eventually push him to make the biggest decision of his life.

Elsewhere in the episode, it is revealed via a teaser clip that Stefan (Paul Wesley) will finally face the notorious vampire hunter, Rayna (Leslie Anne Huff) who will tell him, “The only way for you to be free is to let Damon go.”

The scene then suddenly cuts to Damon (Somerhalder) talking to Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) to whom he says angrily, “I am Damon Salvatore, I will figure this out.”

Furthermore, series creator Julie Plec also took it to her personally written articles for Entertainment Weekly to reveal that when the show comes back, a series of flashbacks will bring answers to a lot of questions posed throughout the season.

“Starting next episode, you’ll get the answers in the form of what we’re calling ‘Bridge Backs,’ a.k.a., a series of scenes that flash back to what happened over the three years that have passed since Damon went into the coffin. It’s been a fun conceit for the season, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it,” Plec wrote in the article.

Meanwhile, aside from just coming back for the rest of season 7, “The Vampire Diaries” will also be coming back for one more full season. The CW ordered another serving of the long running drama as reported by various media outlets.This comes in as a great news given that the show has been in various rumors of cancellation throughout season 7. 

Catch “The Vampire Diaries” when it comes back on air on April 1.