The Strain Season 2 spoilers: new focus on Eph's struggles as he hits the bottle; season will see worm transfers and new characters


With the premiere episode of Season 2 serving up some meaty backstories for Professor Setrakian and The Master, it’s no wonder that fans are craving for more details about the upcoming episodes of Season 2.

According to the recap of the episode entitled BK, NY, IGN reviewer Jesse Shedeen said that there was serious potential for the unveiling of a new breed of Strigoi after the flashbacks shown in the premiere.

He pointed out that there is a great buildup for an overall momentum for Season 2 compared to the first.

A Collider report was able to round up potential spoilers for the season including details about the characters and their journeys. According to the report, the details were gathered from the site’s interview with show creator Guillermo del Toro and executive producer Carlton Ruse.

According to the report, Eph will return to the bottle and spend most of the season as a drunk. He will also spend most of the season fighting vampires with Nora. They will do this by infecting those that are infected.

Throughout the season, Eph will have to push boundaries to achieve his goals and some of his actions may turn off audiences rooting for him.

“Even in the books we made the decision, and this has grown into the series, to not make Eff likable at all. I mean, when we did the first book and we did the press tour, we said you’re going to see the hero do things you don’t like and you’re going to hopefully see the bad guys do things that you like. And I think in the series Eff takes a really questionable ethical path in the second season and it’s going to continue and to show him to be, not only to be fallible, but actually, you understand the complaints that [Kelly] articulated about him in the first season,” del Toro said.

Speaking of Kelly, now that she’s been promoted by the Master above a drone, she is now bent on turning her son Zach to reestablish her connection with him.

Setrakian on the other hand, will be seeking a weapon against the Strigoi called the Occido Lumen which holds the secret to slaying The Master.

Bolivar will also return to the show with a vengeance, along with new characters like American Horror Story’s Lizzie Brochere who plays Coco Marchant, Palmer’s new personal assistant; Under the Dome’s Samatha Mathis who plays Justine Feraldo, a councilwoman who uses the law to regain her borough from the vampire invasion, and Joaquin Cosio who plays Angel, a luchador who fights off vampires.

Del Toro, who is currently very busy with movies like Crimson Peak and Pacific Rim 2, was still able to direct the prologue of the first episode that featured Angel.

“I wanted to make the movie that he shot when he was young, one of these black and white Mexican wrestler versus vampire movies. They gave me one day, and I shot the part of the movie that shows up, which is about five or six minutes. They fast-forward, so there’s a lot of fast forwarding through it because it’s somebody watching it on VHS, but we shot the whole little piece,” said Del Toro.

Also, the words ‘worm transfer’ were also used a lot in the interview so show creators warned fans about this possible development.