'The Strain' Season 2: Rupert Penry-Jones wants to get 'The Born' Quinlan right


Quinlan, one of the fan-favorite characters from the original trilogy of books of The Strain will now be coming to the FX TV series, and will be portrayed by actor Rupert Penry-Jones.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Penry-Jones shared the pressure that is on him with portraying a character that is well loved in the books, and on replacing a previous character that came before him.

In the middle of season one, fans of the TV series were introduced to a vampire who also seemed to be bent on eliminating other vampires (Stephen McHattie). Those who have read the books immediately assumed that this is Quinlan, but the season two premiere introduced him as Vaun. Later on, Vaun and his group of vampire hunters perished. Now, the real Quinlan enters the limelight.

“The pressure really comes from the guy who ends up being Vaun,” shared Penry-Jones, “because he was my favorite character on the show and when they told me they were replacing him. They needed someone who was a little more physically able to do the role as well. I have to do lots of sword fighting and jumping around, things like that.”

“So I was basically taking over from someone I thought was fantastic. To step into his shoes is what the pressure is. As a fan, I’m sort of upset that he’s no longer in the show. I’m nervous about people thinking that he should have stayed as Quinlan. But Guillermo made me feel nothing but confident and comfortable about it.”

In the original trilogy of books, Qunilan “The Born”, a hybrid of human and strigoi, with The Master as his father. Now, Quinlan is bent on eliminating The Master himself.

“In this series, it is a slow burn,” he shared, on how fans will be introduced to his character. “He’s there once he joins, but in ‘The Born,’ you get a bit back more into him. There are so many people they need to service in the show so coming in as a new character, it’s a bit slow. He keeps turning up (for certain characters) when they need him to. He uses them to use the force against the Master. This season is about Quinlan and the team starting to work together.”

Get to know Quinlan on The Strain, Sundays at 10 p.m. on FX.