'The Sims 4' DLC release date news: 'City Living' expansion pack introduces urban life


Diversity is probably what developers Maxis and The Sims Studio wanted to incorporate in the latest expansion for their hit life simulation video game, “The Sims 4.” In the entirety of the video game franchise, it was really all about showcasing life in the suburbs with that perfect combination of conventionality to family values, norms, and equality. But after four installments showing the very same concept in the original game, it looks like this latest expansion will become the most ambitious for the gaming franchise so far.

Called “City Living,” the new downloadable content (DLC) will be featuring an all-new city named “San Myshuno,” and is made up of four distinct neighborhoods. In this paid add-on to the game, the focus has dramatically shifted into an urban setting where new careers are also going to be introduced, including that of social media, politician, and critic. Some of the major places to explore are the karaoke bar, Geekcon, romance festival, and the space market.

According to Engadget, the objective of the game expansion is for the players to start small and eventually work their way up to further success. So from living in a small apartment, where there will be some issues to handle like strict landlords and annoying neighbors, the goal is to upgrade living and eventually move into a penthouse.

Meanwhile, Movie News Guide sees the new setting as a replica of New York City, where the four neighborhoods look pretty similar to the Big Apple’s boroughs. There will be so many things to do and activities to perform, including dining in restaurants and cafes, touring malls, and even paying taxes. The player’s Sim can even hold public office in this one.

The expansion, “City Living” will be released on Nov. 1 for Microsoft Windows and Mac.