'The Sims 4' DLC release date: 'City Life' expansion pack coming soon?


The next expansion pack for “The Sims 4” has been leaked in a Brazilian game rating website, revealing a city-themed downloadable content (DLC).

According to The Inquisitr, the website is of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice, which controls the ratings of video games in the country. It listed the title “The Sims 4: Vida Na Cidade,” which can be roughly translated to “Life in the City.” Other variations include “City Life” and “Living in the City.” As Electronic Arts (EA) Games has yet to announce it, no one knows for now what the official English title could be.

Unfortunately, the listing did not provide other information such as a target release date or what additions it could bring to “The Sims 4.” All it revealed was that the DLC is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

The website, as of this moment, cannot be accessed.

Although this may come as news to most fans, iDigitalTimes noted that EA might have hinted at it in “The Sims 4: Backyard Stuff” pack that was released last month. According to the report, two shirts in Create-A-Sim showed a cityscape design.

Furthermore, Sims Community posted about a survey released around this time last year indicated a possible DLC called “Metropolis” with the description:

“Move into a bustling, modern city! Live in new apartments and penthouses eat food at carts and shop at street markets and immerse your sims in the different cultures of the city by exploring the many diverse neighbourhoods.” 

It is said in the article that the survey listed concepts of expansion packs that EA Games was considering, so it is highly possible that they have picked this one and renamed it to “City Life,” which most fans suggest to be the most plausible title.

EA Games still has to make an official announcement regarding this new “The Sims 4” expansion pack, so it is a rumor for now.