'The Seven Deadly Sins: The Seven Scars Left Behind' light novel to be released by Vertical: what to expect


More good things are coming for “The Seven Deadly Sins” fans just before this year’s four-episode special airs this month.

According to Anime News Network, Vertical, Inc.’s marketing director Ed Chavez was present at this year’s Otakon held at the Baltimore Convention Center last Aug. 12 to 14. During their panel last Saturday, Chavez announced that the North American manga and light novel publisher has just acquired the rights to publish Shuka Matsuda’s light novel, “Sh?setsu Nanatsu no Taizai -Gaiden- Karera ga Nokoshita Nanatsu no Kizuato,” which translates to “The Seven Scars They Left Behind.” This is the third novel in “The Seven Deadly Sins” franchise. Like its predecessors, it serves as a side story to the manga series created by Nakaba Suzuki.

The novel was released in Japan in October 2015 by Kodansha and featured illustrations by Suzuki himself. It preceded the manga series and told the story of Gilthunder and Margaret, the two people who know the truth behind the frame-up orchestrated by the Holy Knights to mar the Seven Deadly Sins’ reputation and drive them out of Liones.

The couple resolved to keep this truth a secret and endeavored instead to grow stronger together by walking in the footsteps of the disgraced Seven Deadly Sins. The events in this novel serve to fill the time gap between the tragic frame-up and the eventual return of the group of knights to Liones.

Matsuda also wrote the first two light novels in the series and is reportedly writing a fourth one, which will be released in Japan by Kodansha on Oct. 17.

On the other hand, Vertical has previously published English translations of three light novels from the highly popular manga series, “Attack on Titan,” and is currently looking to acquire licenses for more Gundam manga titles.

“The Seven Scars Left Behind” has been scheduled for a May 2017 release.