'The Royals' Season 2 spoilers: King Cyrus faces illegitimate child with palace maid and possible betrayal by Queen Helena; It's not over between Liam and Ophelia


Creator and Executive Producer Mark Schwahn of E!’s The Royals was more than generous in sharing information about the upcoming season expected to return to television on November 15.

The show left off with King Cyrus taking over the throne after the death of his brother, reported Christian Post.

Schwahn, in an interview with EW, said the show will be exploring what happened to the child that King Cyrus fathered with the palace maid.

“That’s a story line we’re going to get into right off the bat. We’ll find out what that is, and who that is, and whether or not Cyrus will be held accountable whether, in fact, that is his child. We’ll hear from Prudence. We haven’t seen the last of Prudence,” he teased.

Adding to the new king’s troubles is his conspirator Queen Helena who stands to benefit if ever anything happens to the king. While the two characters have been allies until now, betrayal should not be ruled out of the equation, according to Schwahn.

Prince Liam will also have many questions about the death of King Simon. Together with his sister Eleanor, it seems that the two will be displaced from the palace and it will remain at the discretion of King Cyus and Queen Helena whether to keep them close or banish them, especially with the amount of support they carry with them.

As for Liam’s ex Ophelia, it remains to be seen whether their love can withstand the pressure of Liam’s world. It can be recalled that Ophelia has refused to be part of his chaotic life but she might change her mind with the upcoming season, or Liam could be the one who makes the choice.

Joan Collins will also return for at least four episodes to play the Grand Duchess.

“What I love about the Grand Duchess is she’s contemporary and she gets the contemporary references, so she understands what’s going on in the world, and yet I think of all the characters who believed in the old-world caste system, I think the Grand Duchess flies the flag for that,” Schwahn said.