'The Real Housewives of Orange County' season 11 preview: Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador have another confrontation in episode 6


This week on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Shannon Beador organized a 1970s-themed party, and the ladies did not disappoint as they turned out in full ’70s regalia. But the event wasn’t drama-free as fights escalated at the bash, ending with Vicki Gunvalson making a call to ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers to blame him for putting her in a difficult situation.

At the party, one of Shannon’s guests named Jaci approached Kelly Dodd and her husband, Michael, and made a remark about seeing Kelly and her boyfriend together while the new Housewife and her husband were on a break. Kelly fumed at this, and she was enraged when Tamra Judge told Kelly that Shannon, Jaci, and a woman named Nina were talking about her.

Kelly confronted Nina, and Shannon joined the fray. Shannon asked Kelly to leave, but Kelly stayed to hurl more insults, and Kelly’s husband later jumped to her defense. Later, Vicki commented on Shannon’s behavior, which made Shannon’s husband, David, very angry at Vicky.

Shannon was crying and begging David to back her up, but he was busy arguing with Vicki. Later, Vicki told David that he was a cheater and a bad guy, and Kelly chimed in, saying that now she knew why Shannon got cheated on.

Shannon then told everyone that she heard that Kelly cheated on her husband. As chaos swirled all around, Vicki reached for her phone to call Brooks, blaming him for putting her in this situation.

Tamra and Heather Dubrow both gave their take on what happened at the party, and in their respective Bravo blogs, the ladies thought that Nina and Jaci “had it out for Kelly” and that their comments about her seeing another man was a low blow.

However, both of them also agreed that Kelly’s behavior towards Shannon was inexcusable.

“Calling Shannon average, ugly and Mrs. Roper was uncalled for, and it was especially disturbing that her husband Michael chimed in,” said Heather about Kelly.

“Kelly telling Shannon that she was ugly and she could see why her husband cheated on her was mean and low,” said Tamra. “No one deserves to be cheated on…ever!”

Next week in episode 6, Kelly and Shannon’s feud continues as they meet outdoors at a restaurant, and they start screaming at each other.

In a preview (via E! Online), Shannon tells Kelly that she needs to watch her manners.

“Maybe I should buy you an etiquette book,” says Shannon. Kelly counters that perhaps Shannon should get the book for herself, but later, Kelly ended up apologizing to her, saying that she really thought that Shannon set up the moment for Nina and Jaci to attack her.

“The Real Housewives of Orange County’ airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.