'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' spoilers: More confrontations between the stars


Bravo’s hit reality series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will have more family drama and a confrontation involving two teams of the cast members, when its latest episode hits the small screen.

Reports claim that Kenya Moore and her father Ronald Grant will have a reunion of some sort. However, it will turn sideways when the latter shares his opinion and states that he disapproves that the former is dating again.

Ronald also reportedly lacks enthusiasm towards Kenya’s new house and plans of having her own family in the future. In turn, the daughter confronts him and reveals that her absence for years since she was a teenager has really hurt her in many ways.

Her father then quips his side of the story, as he tells her that he has also been hurt when she ran away as a minor because it made him felt like he is a bad patriarch. Presumably to help rebuild their relationship, Kenya organizes a little get together complete with her mother who has little communication with her as well.

Meanwhile, there will be more confrontations teased to happen between Kandi’s mother Mama Joyce, Phaedra, and Porsha against Kandi. The first one may have something to do with the money Phaedra owes to Mama Joyce’s son-in law Todd, while the second situation will also have Don Juan in the mix.

Phaedra and Todd will discuss the money amounting to $8,500 she has yet to pay him for the pregnancy workout video. Phaedra said that she will not able to pay her dues as she focused on her husband Apollo Nida when he went to jail last year.

On the other hand, Don Juan will apologize to Porscha but will state that he will hold firm to what he said and will not change a thing. This then leads to a little back-and-forth argument between Porsha and Kandi to which they will decide that it will be better if they will not have any conversation at all.

It is predicted that things will get exciting and interesting when “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs its latest episode on Sunday at 8 P.M.