The Oscars news: Eddie Redmayne, Kate Winslet pledge support for Leonardo DiCarpio's bid for this season's Academy Awards


It is no secret that veteran actor Leonardo di Caprio is one of the most in demand actors today in Hollywood having multiple memorable performances in movies like “Titanic,” “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Unfortunately, the Academy Awards has continued to be elusive all throughout his career. Now that he once again has a decent shot at it with “The Revenant,” co-actors have started to rally behind his campaign.

One of which is last year’s Academy Award winner for Best Actor Eddie Redmayne. In a recent interview with the CBS News, the British actor was quoted in saying, “[DiCaprio is] definitely going to win and should. I feel excited just to be invited to the party, frankly.”

Being a nominee once again for his work in “The Danish Girl” this year, Redmayne revealed that he already feels amazing just being able to compete against DiCarpio, Michael Fassbender (“Steve Jobs”), Mark Ruffalo (“Spotlight”), and Bryan Cranston (“Trumbo”).

Aside from Redmayne, Kate Winslet also has DiCaprio’s back in this year’s race saying that she feels very strongly for DiCaprio’s chances this year.

“I’m just super excited for him, the sense of good will behind him and that everyone wants it for him… It’s really wonderful, and it’s actually a real testament to him that he’s such a lovely person and that people not only admire him but also really like him and respect him and I feel quite proud of that, it’s lovely,” the award winning actress told E! News.

It is not a surprise that Winslet will full support DiCaprio who has been her friend since they both starred in “Titanic.” The two reunited once again in 2008 for “Revolutionary Road” and have continued supporting each other’s endeavors during awards seasons.