'The Originals' season 4 spoilers: what will happen to Klaus and the fallen Mikaelsons next season?


The fourth installment of the horror fantasy series from The CW, “The Originals,” has been moved to an early 2017 airdate and avid followers of the show are now anticipating what will happen with Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) and the rest of the Mikaelson bloodline now that they are in deep trouble.

Now that the Mikaelsons have been taken down by the so-called werewolf venom, there are talks going around that Hope (Summer Fontana) could hold the antidote for the family’s current state.

Fans might recall that season 3’s finale featured Klaus in some sort of mistrial orchestrated by Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis). The latter mentioned several crimes that the former committed to some of the people inside the huge room which added more steam to the already infuriated crowd that also acted as Klaus’ jury.

Moreover, the trial ended with Marcel shoving Papa Tunde’s (Owiso Odera) blade into Klaus’ chest while the latter was held tightly by the angered townsfolk. Freya Mikaelson (Riley Voelkel), on the other hand, performed a ritual where the names of the fallen Mikaelsons were written with their own blood on a piece of paper and mystically connected their consciousness to the pinned Klaus to somehow keep them at bay while they try to find a cure for the wolf bite that they got.

Meanwhile, Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin), in hopes that she might get help somewhere else and at the same time keep the bodies of the ill-stricken Mikaelsons out of harm’s way, drove off from New Orleans together with the bodies and Hope.

Taking everything into consideration, next season might feature Marcel as the alpha male in town together with Vincent Griffith (Yusuf Gatewood). There are reports suggesting that Vincent might serve as a mediator in the now chaotic world of vampires in New Orleans and eventually bring lawfulness among them.

Now that the burden of finding the cure lies solely with Hayley, fanatics theorize that she might find the answers using her vampire abilities or through another being.

Season 4 of “The Originals” is set to air next year.