'The Originals' season 3 spoilers: EP discusses Hope connection, larger role


Although the most recent episode of The CW’s hit vampire series “The Originals” was titled “No More Heartbreaks,” more than a handful of heartbreaking scenes and deaths broke the hearts of fans. However, one of the important plots of the series that was touched by the most recent episode was the future of baby Hope.

Viewers finally found out the much awaited culmination of the Cami arc, as the entire team tried everything to save her life that had been hanging in the balance. However, despite their best efforts, Camille O’Connell (Leah Pipes) met her fate in this episode but not before leaving a message that hinted on the significance of a young character to the future of the show.

Before Cami drew her last breath, her final words for Klaus focused on Hope, the two-year old daughter of the latter.

“All of that anger, that cycle of abuseyou can end it,” she said. “You have to, so you can be the light for your little girl. For Hope.”

In a recent interview with Collider, “The Originals” executive producer Michael Narducci discussed how Hope will fit into the larger picture of the show’s world.

“Yes, she’s a part of the family, but she’s also two years old,” he said. “Quite honestly, it’s a little bit comical to get into vampires being thrown around through walls and witches casting spells, and then there’s a little baby toddler entering the room with a rattler. It’s not something that we wanted to explore. But there will be a little bit of a time jump, and we will see a slighter older Hope next season. Even this season, we will get a sense and a reminder of how potent Hope’s power is. The mystery of who she is still exists.”

That, he said, would be further explored in the upcoming fourth season.

“I don’t mean who she is, in that she absolutely is Klaus and Hayley’s child, but the mystery of what she is and what she will be capable of, when she comes of age,” he continued. “We’re still going to explore that. We’ll get some hints of that, this season. In the finale, there is a beautiful moment where that might happen. And then, we’re looking at exploring that more in Season 4.”

“The Originals” airs Fridays on The CW.