'The Originals' season 3 news: more story to tell with Davina


There’s  another death in the family in the most recent episode of “The Originals.” Following the events of the previous episode titled “Where Nothing Stay Buried,” another character finally bit the dust after a failed attempt on saving her life turned for the worst. Davina, who had been in the show for three years, said goodbye to fans as she breathed her last. The actress who portrayed her, Danielle Campbell, talked about her role, as the executive producer of the show weighed in on whether she will be back or not.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Campbell recalled her most favorite moment with Marcel in the series.

“[It’s] one of them when she’s dying,” Campbell said. “It was season 1 when she sacrificed herself and they were in the train crate and she was telling him that she understands. I thought that moment between the two of them was beautiful. That episode was so fun to film: We had fire, we had rain cranes, and we had everything. It was a massive episode.”

As for the fate of the character, the executive producer of the show hinted in an interview that the most recent episode may not be the last time that fans will get to see Davina in some capacity even though her future appearances may be only flashbacks and back stories.

“It was absolutely something we were hesitant to go forward with,” shared series executive producer Michael Narducci about the decision to kill off Davina. “We debated it. It was just the way these two stories were intersecting and we thought this would be the best version of the story.”

However, the nature of Davina as a character and her origins as a witch may still be a way to keep her on the show even after her death.

“As we have said in the past, Davina is a special entity,” Narducci continued. “She is a New Orleans witch and we know that those witch souls exist beyond the realm of what we call life. There is an afterlife for witches. Yes, Davina is seemingly gone at the end of episode 20, but there’s still more story to tell with the ancestors. There’s still more story to tell with Kol and Vincent and even Marcel wanting revenge against them. I’d say there’s still more story to tell with Davina.”