'The Mindy Project' season 6 cast, plot news: Mindy Kaling weighs in on show's final season


The fifth season of the romantic comedy series “The Mindy Project” has finally concluded, with the titular character (Mindy Kaling) agreeing to get married to her nurse boyfriend, Ben (Bryan Greenberg). Sadly, the sixth season would be the last time the viewers will get to see their favorite romantically frustrated OB/GYN doctor on the small screen.

Earlier this week, Hulu network announced the sixth and final season renewal of the sitcom.

“This series has been part of Hulu since we launched the service and, thanks to Mindy’s incredibly unique voice and vision, has remained one of our most popular and beloved series over the past five years,” reads a snippet of the statement released (via The Hollywood Reporter) by Craig Erwich, Hulu head of content.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Kaling stated that the final season will depict her character’s married life.

As noted in the previous seasons, Dr. Mindy Lahiri is obsessed with marriage, but she has never been married. Although she was almost there many times. Thankfully, in the fifth season finale, life finally lets her reach her ultimate goal.

“And now she’s married! The final season is the final timeit’s the best timeto confront what that reality is for her,” said the 37-year-old actress.

“I’m a romantic at heart. I believe that marriage is like, a sacred relationship, and I really like it, but I’m also single myself, so I see every side of it,” she continued and said that, in her opinion, Mindy’s new journey is really fun to explore.

When asked about how she will conclude the series, Kaling (who created the show) indicated that she wanted the audience to see what the character has learned for the past six years. She is certain that Mindy will have a finite ending for she prefers the finish line to be a closure and not a cliffhanger.

The former “The Office” star said that she is proud of the show as it inspires young women, particularly young minority women.

The upcoming season of “The Mindy Project” is expected to premiere in September.