'The Leftovers' season 3 spoilers, news: upcoming season goes to the Land Down Under


American drama television series, “The Leftovers” is scheduled to air its third and final season on HBO in 2017, and while it’s the last hurrah for the Damon Lindelof-created drama, there still a lot of interesting things to look forward to, as lead character Kevin Garvey Jr. (Justin Theroux) heads to Australia to seek for answers. Also, there’s a new character whose entry might be too late, but will still stir up much intrigue with regard to the Sudden Departure.

In a recent interview with The Music, Lindelof revealed that Garvey eventually figures out that his father (Scott Glenn) was the one who discovered the mystery’s trail in Australia. “He’s been wandering the continent, and his journeys culminate in the Melbourne area at around the same time the rest of the show is basically colliding with him,” the showrunner and series creator said.

According to Movie News Guide, there also will be a couple of characters to be introduced in the final season, headed by Dutch actress Katja Herbers, who made a name for herself in the series, “Manhattan.” However, her role in “The Leftovers” season 3 has not been disclosed as of this posting. Aside from Herbers, “Sherlock’s” Lindsey Duncan is also reportedly joining the third season, but similar to Herbers, there still are no further details provided about her character.

The HBO-run series is actually loosely based on a novel by Tom Perotta, although a great majority of the adaptation has been altered, all for the intention of focusing more on how people would respond to a science fiction event like the mythology of The Rapture.

For the moment, there still is no official date for the premiere of season 3 of “The Leftovers,” but HBO is expected to give this one the go signal by April of next year.