'The Last Ship' season 3 spoilers: Chandler to rescue captured crew, tensions in Asia continue to rise in episode 3


After a hectic two-hour premiere, the third season of TNT’s post-apocalyptic drama “The Last Ship” is off to a running start down some turbulent seas; with episode 3 set to take the storyline’s course into a highly dangerous route.

When the premiere ended, most of the main characters in the crew of the Nathan James were captured alongside the ship’s captain and executive officer. While celebrating a humanitarian mission to Vietnam in a night club, the landing party was attacked by what seemed to be pirates taking advantage of the lawlessness brought about by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the rest of Asia is in similar dire straits as the disease continues to rage across the continent. Tom Chandler (Eric Dane), formerly the captain of the Nathan James until he was promoted to be the new U.S. Government’s Chief of Naval Operations in the interim of seasons 2 and 3, was sent by President Michener (Mark Moses) to China after learning that the new president of the country, Peng Wu (Fernando Chien), might have possibly been hoarding the cure they sent there as a power play.

Chandler arrived and met with the continent’s dignitaries and was set to go back home just like he was originally supposed to, only to change his mind at the last moment out of a desire to keep working in the region. He was fortunate to do so as well, since the plane blew up and quite possibly killed Valerie (Tania Raymonde). Chandler and the rest then ended up on the run, the whole while believing that China is behind everything and covering itself up.

For the next episode, titled “Shanzai, the released promotional trailer showed that the captured Nathan James crew will be taken to a remote island by the pirates, with Slattery (Adam Baldwin) shown strapped to a table so the pirates could drain his blood for an unrevealed purpose.

Fortunately for the captured, their comrades are planning to rescue them. The video showed Chandler threatening to unleash the Nathan James’ armaments to a man, presumably the pirates’ leader, who is apparently named Takehaya based on the fact that he is played by Hiroyuki Sanada.

The end of the video showed a quick snippet of Wolf (Bren Foster) fighting against some uniformed men, with the location’s aesthetics suggesting it is somewhere within China. The sequence suggests that the crew of the Nathan James will once again get into a confrontation with the Chinese forces, which could further ramp up the tensions with the country’s new leader.

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