'The Last of Us 2' rumors: Alleged game poster fuels speculations about development and release of game


Voice actor Nolan North might after all be right about “The Last of Us” sequel coming into existence, although when it would be has yet to be answered.

He was quoted in June 2015 during a METROCON panel saying, “I know they’re doing ‘The Last of Us 2,'” pertaining to game development company Naughty Dog. This is the statement over which he apologized after it went viral yet unsubstantiated, hence disappointing the game’s fans.

Now, almost a year after North’s blunder, rumors about the reality of a second “The Last of Us” installment resurfaced.

Stories started going around again after a few “Uncharted 4” gamers got hold of leaked copies of the game which, much to their surprise and delight, went together with a poster which may well be that of “The Last of Us 2.” The photo displays a young girl whose features resemble those of Ellie  her build, her hair and inner clothing. The girl also has a bump on her belly, leading to another speculation that Ellie might be pregnant in the projected sequel. To top all these information is the bonus clue written right on the poster; its title says “The Last of Us: American Daughters.” Fans who saw this cannot help but assume that the development of “The Last of Us 2” might now be closer to being true.

The poster might imply that Naughty Dog has started, if not resumed, the development of the sequel which may have been put on hold because of the release of “Uncharted 4,” but it is unlikely that the developers will actually disclose details this early.

Another hint that brings hope to fans is a second poster showing “Savage Starlight 2: Coming Soon.” “Savage Starlight” is a comic book featured in “The Last of Us.”

All these allude to Ellie’s return in case there will indeed be a sequel, while information on Joel has yet to surface.