The Last Guardian release date: game confirmed for 2016; Demo shows hybrid AI named Trico


After nine years of waiting, the game The Last Guardian, will be finally released in 2016 as announced by its developers at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition trade show last week.

Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida explained that the delay was due to both administrative and technical reasons.

Creative director Fumito Ueda who worked on Playstation 2 hit games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus used to work in Sony but decided to become independent and put up his own studio, Gen Design. He is contracted to finish the game and collaborate with the main development team that is part of Japan Studio.

Yoshida mentioned: “Now Ueda-san has established his reputation, he wanted more freedom on how he spends his time. He may want to work on other concepts, so he chose to become independent, but also still work on The Last Guardian. It’s the main project he’s working on.”

The report also added that it was a tough decision for the team to move the game from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

“The project went on so many technical changes. We decided to move the project to PS4 in 2012, but because the PS3 code was so optimised for SPUs on that console, lots of code had to be thrown away and rebuilt,” Yoshida explained.

When the demo was played on the event, the game showed that the player will have to control a little boy who hopefully might train a hybrid artificial intelligence named “Trico” to become his potential sidekick.

Digital Spy revealed that the storyline broadly revolves around the boy who has been kidnapped and locked in a ruin where he meets Trico. The report added that The Last Guardian is reminiscent of Ueda’s two previous games, as it seems to tackle the idea of companionship, personal bonds and completing missions through the player’s own discovery.