'The Incredibles 2' plot rumors: Sequel to feature new villain and Jack-jack as another villain's apprentice


The animated super-hero family film “The Incredibles” is years away from getting its sequel, dubbed “The Incredibles 2.” The latest official news from Disney about the film was when they announced its release date back in October 2015, which is slated for June 21, 2019. Beyond that, information about the film, the plot and its cast of characters has been scarce. Only rumors have been circulating the Internet so far in order to satisfy the need of fans for more information about the movie.

According to a report in Breathecast, the latest rumors about the sequel’s plot and cast of characters come from one of the actors who voiced one of the characters in the first film. Samuel L. Jackson, who voiced Frozone, Mr. Incredible’s super-hero friend, said during an interview with Digital Spy that his character will return in the sequel because director Brad Bird had told him so. The interview happened in 2014, and while Bird is involved in writing the sequel’s story, it is not yet known if he is helming it again. Jackson also mentioned in his interview something interesting about the young Jack-jack, who according to the actor is going to be six years old in the sequel and will be struggling with handling the powers that he possesses.

The other rumor is that an old villain will be returning in the film. According to Movie News Guide, Syndrome, who was the main villain that the family of superheroes fought against in the first film, may make an appearance as the villain who will be taking young Jack-jack under his wing and turns him into an evil superhero.

The Breathecast report also mentioned that instead of Syndrome, a new villain may be coming into the picture as Jack-jack’s mentor, but beyond this, not much is known about this new villain.

In the first movie, the last scene showed the appearance of a villain named Underminer. According to another report in Cinema Blend, Underminer may find his way into the sequel as well.

Apart from Jackson, no other cast members have been mentioned to be returning to the sequel.