‘The Incredibles 2’ releases new trailer during Winter Olympics

"The Incredibles 2" has released its trailer during the Winter Olympics. (Youtube/Disney-Pixar)

The sneak peek at the highly anticipated Disney Pixar movie sequel “The Incredibles 2” has been released Wednesday night during the Winter Olympics. With the new trailer, fans have gotten the first look at the return of the beloved Parr family 14 years since the successful first film.

While teasers about the upcoming movie have been released before, the new trailer is the first one to offer real details about the film. Clocking in at a minute and a half, the trailer showed that the sequel would take place immediately following the events of the original movie.

The trailer also showed some new dynamics that will be introduced to the superpowered- Parr family, Bob Parr being a stay-at-home dad.

The sequel kicks off with the family’s encounter with the villain Underminer, who originally appeared at the end of the first film. The preview also hinted that the use of superpowers had been deemed illegal, which is most likely the government’s response to the destructive behavior of the villain Syndrome in the last film.

However, the CEO of a large company reaches out to the Parrs for a project that will bring superheroes back. However, the project only involves Helen and not the entire family.

This means that the power Mr. Incredible will be left at home to take care of the kids, while Elastigirl is out helping save the world. It looks Bob’s domestic struggles will play a large role in the film. Aside from Dash’s difficult math homework, he will also have to deal with Jack-Jack and his growing list of powers.

The “The Incredibles 2” trailer also showed that some of the familiar faces from the first movie would also return for the sequel. Bob’s best friend and hero buddy Frozone is back, as well as the tough and opinionated fashion designer, Edna Mode, who was shown in the trailer taking a shot at Bob’s parenting skills.