'The Hills' star Lo Bosworth opens up about her depression and anxiety


“The Hills” star admitted that she had struggled with depression and anxiety.

Lo Bosworth recently shared on her personal blog, “The Lo Down,” that she suffered some mental health issues in the previous year.

“2016 wasn’t only just the worst year ever, it was also the year I turned 30, founded my own feminine wellness company, and brought an amazing puppy home,” Bosworth began her blog with some positive vibes.

Amidst her success, the MTV star had suffered from “crippling anxiety and depression at the hands of a severe vitamin deficiency that went undiscovered for 16 months.”

“I started feeling very off in the fall of ’15. Racing mind, impulsive behavior, insomnia. That all developed into a feeling of anxiety that lasted for almost 2 months without any relief,” Bosworth explained.

As 2016 kicked off, so did her therapy and medication, recalled the “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” alum. Sadly, Bosworth’s health condition did not progress like what her doctors had expected in September.

Hence, 30-year-old Bosworth went through blood testing wherein she was diagnosed with “severe deficiencies of Vitamins B12 and Vitamin D.” The young entrepreneur asserted that, like her, people who have deficiencies of those vitamins would eventually suffer from psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, and dizziness.

As a chef and a health advisor, Bosworth wondered how she acquired such inadequate dietary intake of those two vitamins. She went to see a lot of medical practitioners to fully explain her health concerns.

In her pursuit for answers, she took genetic testing and found out that she had “mutations in the MTHFR and MAOA genes.” Because of the mutation, her body does not process Vitamins B12 and D normally, said Bosworth.

On her website, Bosworth attached a YouTube video to chronicle her 2016 experiences and to show the current vitamins she intakes to get her health back on track.