'The Hills' star Heidi Montag Pratt admits that her biggest challenge is money


The once famous MTV star has just admitted that she is having problems with money.

“One thing that’s really be on my heart and my biggest challenge is money,” Heidi Montag Pratt said in a video blog on Faithwire recently. “It’s the difference between the love of money, the need of money (and) the sacrifice of money,” she added.

Montag emphasized that her love of material things brought her to financial instability.

“I became so materialistic that I ended up having to give away my entire wardrobe because I became possessed by my possessions,” she said.

Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt, became famous on MTV’s reality series, “The Hills,” from 2006 to 2010. The couple were co-stars and eventually got married, in which the wedding was covered during the fifth season of the series in 2009.

“The Hills” was initially focused on Lauren Conrad, but later on, it featured Montag as Conrad’s housemate. Other main cast members were Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port.

During the peak of their careers in the entertainment industry, Montag and Pratt earned more than $2 million a year from paid appearances and staged paparazzi photographs.

In a July 2016 interview with People, the reality stars admitted that they have nearly consumed all their millions. Their expensive spending includes Montag’s $1 million worth of luxury designer wardrobe, $15,000 a night for bodyguards, epicurean dinner dates with wines that cost $3,000, and Pratt’s massive crystal collection with estimated worth of up to $1 million.

“We had business managers who told us to stop spending but we acted like we knew what we were doing,” Montag stated at that time.

Now that they ran out of money in the back, the Colorado native could not help but regret her decisions. She felt defeated.

“Everyone else on our cast had houses and we had nothing to show for what we’d done,” she continued.

In January 2017, Montag and Pratt joined the British version of “Celebrity Big Brother,” but they were evicted on day 25.