'The Good Wife' season 7 spoilers: Alicia stands by Peter as trial begins; will the Florricks stay together in the end?


“The Good Wife” has two more episodes left to tie every loose end left from its 7-year run, and it seems like that is exactly what the show wants to do starting with the Florricks.

With Peter (Chris Noth) once again at the edge of being sent to prison, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) tries to pull all the stops to save her husband. The episode titled “Verdict” will see the Governor of Illinois on trial. Based on the title, it seems like fans will find out his ultimate fate.

Ditching and recovering from a couple of other scandals including the sex tape that broke out in season 1 and kicked off the series, Peter seems to be calmer when it comes to things going down around him. The trial marks the beginning of the end of the couple’s marriage. In the previous episodes, Alicia has finally asked Peter for a divorce. While the latter did not reject the idea, he simply asked her to postpone it after his court hearing.

“The last episodes put a period on the continuing disintegration of a marriage that was wavering from the first episode,” Noth shared, referring to Peter and Alicia’s conversation about getting a divorce. “They seemed held together by emotional scar tissue. The final negotiation in the kitchen where he agrees to the divorce if she will stand with him when he resigns no longer seemed like the end it was the end. A certain relief for them both, I’m sure.”

However, while Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is quietly waiting for her on the sidelines, speculation has it that Alicia will still have doubts about pushing through with the divorce especially with what Peter has to go through in the trial. As previously reported, Noth is open to the idea that the by the end of it all, the Florricks can still find a way to stay together.

Interestingly, Marguilies also hints of a divisive finale saying “The fans are either going to love this or they’re going to hate this, but there’s not going to be an in-between.”

Catch the last two episodes of “The Good Wife” every Sunday, 9 P.M. EST on CBS.