'The Good Wife' season 7 news: Aftermath of Eli's confession on deleting Will's voice message expected when show returns in January


After several seasons of being clueless about Will’s voice message that would have propelled Alicia to make different choices, Eli finally admitted the role he had in ensuring that Alicia never got to hear it.

In “The Good Wife’s” final episode before it goes on break, episode 10 titled “KSA” took on a different tone from the rest of the season by adopting a more serious approach and featuring a case of a pediatric surgeon who detailed a plan to kidnap, sedate, and rape the mother or a patient.

According to a review by TV.com, the episode was darker than the rest of the episodes of the series and may actually signal a transition in the show once it returns from its break next year.

Among the main highlights of the episode that is believed to have repercussions that will reverberate to the second half of the season is Eli’s admission that he erased the voice message that Will sent to Alicia wherein he confessed his true feelings for her, reported TVLine.

“Six years ago you got a message from Will Gardner a voicemail and I erased it. You were about to go on stage and stand next to Peter for his S.A. run, and I didn’t want to hurt that… I listened to the voicemail. Will said he loved you and would give up everything to be with you. And I erased it. I never let you hear it, and I’ve been sick about it ever since. And I don’t want to stand in the way of your happiness again. That’s why I’m sorry,” Eli said.

The scene ended with Alicia telling Eli to get out in a deadpan expression, but its highly unlikely that the scene will be the end of it.

The show returns to CBS on Jan. 10.