The Good Wife season 7: interesting dynamic develops between Cary and Alicia; Cush Cumbo joins cast


With Finn Polmar out of the picture, there is quite a huge gap that needs to be filled for Season 7 of The Good Wife.

In a Christian Today report, there is a possibility of having a very interesting dynamic between Alicia and former enemy Cary. It is not confirmed if a romantic slant could be expected but it’s definitely meant to spur an interesting slew of story arcs for the upcoming season which will start airing this October.

Actor Matt Czuchry who plays the role of Cary in this successful show divulged this information.

“They are friends and I think there’s a mutual respect there, so if they are against each other but have that friendship at the same time, those gray areas, to be able to play that, would be interesting,” he said in the report. 

Reeling from a trail of losses and a series of game changing events that left her in an entirely new situation, Alicia Florrick is most likely to partner with Louis Canning who sold her on why he will not be likely to trick her again. What happened in Season 6 may have an impact on what will happen for Season 7 because all the old players have gone with Will’s death and Kalinda’s departure after her problem with Lemond Bishop. It seems like Florrick will meander away from her husband’s politics and starting out on her own again according to International Business Times AU Edition.

Enstarz reported that Cush Cumbo will be joining the cast for Season 7 but contrary to what fans are speculating, she is not the new BFF for Alicia or Kalinda’s replacement in the show. There is still no confirmation on what her specific role will be but the showrunners Robert and Michelle King vehemently denies that she was included to be Kalinda version 2 in the show.