'The Good Fight' plot news, spoilers: Creators talks about Trump-inspired episode; what should fans expect


“Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate” is the fifth episode of CBS’ legal drama, “The Good Fight.” It was inspired by NBC’s decision to hold up the airing of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’s” Donald Trump episode.

“We read about the SVU episode ‘Unstoppable,’ we read about those issues and we were kind of inspired by that,” Robert King, creator and showrunner, revealed during a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter. Along with Robert was Michelle King, the co-creator and showrunner of “The Good Fight” and the original series, “The Good Wife.”

In the fifth episode, a TV writer (Paulo Costanzo) has faced a lawsuit for copyright infringement after publishing online his written episode of a series. The network delayed the airdate of the episode indefinitely. Thinking that the network had no plans to release the episode, the writer posted it in social media.

The fictional episode in question was about an affluent politician named Weller, owner of Weller Towers, who was accused of rape and sexual assault.

The episode ended with Adrian (Delroy Lindo) and Lucca (Cush Jumbo), who represented the writer, winning the case against the network. Prior to issuing the verdict, Pres. Trump tweeted, “Congrats to Weintraub for standing up to another Hollywood crybaby time to look into who they hire to write.”

The lawyers brought the argument as political and government related. Furthermore, the writer was protected by the First Amendment.

As TV series creators and writers, Robert and Michelle believe that the situation in the episode can happen in the real world.

“We’re trying to flag it as something that could be a problem in the future. It’s not something that we’ve personally run up against up to this point, but it’s certainly worrisome for the future,” Michelle stated.

“The worry is that this is not about government censorship, sometimes it’s about self-censorship,” Robert seconded his co-creator’s claim.

In the sixth episode, Robert hinted that they would be tackling racism and the issue of internet censorship.

“It’s inspired by Milo [Yiannopoulos] and kind of the oddity of the alt-right, which has a lot of fans in the tech culture,” said the male showrunner.

“The Good Fight” will continue on March 19 on CBS.