'The Following' updates: Petition to have fourth season unsuccessful; Kevin Bacon to star in a TV campaign


Fox has firmly decided that the thriller drama “The Following” will no longer have a fourth season. Upon hearing this news, fans began to create a petition to continue the show for a fourth season. George Back began an online petition via Change.org requesting Fox to “sell the Syndication rights to Netflix” as they want the “The Following” to be back with a fourth season. As of this time, only 223 supporters have signed up and 277 supporters more are needed to complete the 500 target.

On the other hand, Kevin Bacon, lead actor of the series, will now be seen in a funny TV advertisement promoting eggs.

The actor is now the endorser of American Egg Board, together with his brother Michael for an ad campaign titled “Wake Up to Eggs with the Bacon Brothers,” the Master Herald reported. Moreover, the brothers also wrote and produced a music video for “E-G-G-S” which they will also use for the ad campaign. The video starts with a couple waking up seeing Kevin in their bed, while Michael is seated on the chair carrying a guitar, preparing to sing. Kevin then speaks to the shocked couple, telling them that they came because they want to teach them about the power of waking up to eggs. Kevin then says, “No one knows eggs better than the Bacon brothers.”

Other characters in the ad are a mother and her teenage son, who the Bacon brothers will interrupt during breakfast. The son is unfriendly and is not open to the idea of the Bacon brothers as he is biased towards Kevin’s movies, thinking his movies are “pathetic.” However, Kevin will tell him that “eggs are not pathetic” then his brother Michael will support him.

There is also a man taking a bath, who will learn the benefits of eating eggs from the brothers. However, the song gets because of the arrival of the cops, who arrests the Bacon brothers for breaking and entering.