'The Following' series news: Is there still hope for a season four?


Is there still a chance for “The Following” series to have another shot for a new season after having been heavily criticized during its third season run? If the answer of the show’s showrunner, Alexi Hawley, is to be the basis, then the right thing to do is to give the show a season renewal.

“Most known serial killers are poor or middle-class. Why is that….This idea that the ber-rich, except for possibly [alleged murderer and Jinx subject] Robert Durst, don’t get caught as serial killers. That can’t possibly genetically be that they don’t get that gene, that they don’t have those proclivities,” Hawley said when asked by TV Line how the season four of the series would have panned out if it was given a green light

Apparently, the showrunner and the writing staff of the show were already talking about their plans for the supposed next season until it was finally announced that it was in the offing. Ever since that interview came out, some fans of the show have been clamoring for the continuation of the psychological thriller that had Kevin Bacon as the lead.

However, Master Herald opined that it is unlikely for the show to get another season or even be picked up by another network. The show featured an FBI agent recapturing an escaped serial killer, Joe Carroll, who has formed a cult to work with him. As the FBI nears recapturing Carroll, the cult always gets in the way to avert the capture of their master, often sacrificing themselves to hide his locations.

This made some viewers question the sensibility of the show, pointing out how the FBI was made to look like a fool by the show. Some opined that, more often than not, the FBI is a step ahead of their subjects of investigations, but the show did otherwise.

The last episode of the show was shown in May last year and, as of date, there is no news whether “The Following” can resume providing its brand of thriller to its followers. While it is true that reviving a show these days is a lot easier than how things were in the past thanks to Netflix, certain factors may hinder the return of “The Following.” For one thing, Joe Carroll is already dead in the story and the show has already lost a character to which the story of the show revolved.

However, for some die-hard fans of the show, the death of Joe Carroll should not be the end of the line for the series as the production can always replace him with another serial killer.

Apparently, “The Following” has created its own hardcore following, which intends to follow more of the show’s episodes.