'The Flash' season 2 spoilers: Grant Gustin teases midseason premiere says it 'will blow your mind'; villain Geomancer to make his debut


New spoilers for the second season of The CW’s hit superhero series “The Flash” are making their way online courtesy of the show’s star.

Grant Gustin who portrays the titular character took it to Twitter to tease the upcoming episode of the installment. He seemingly suggested that the viewers are in for an interesting narrative when the series airs it midseason premiere. “One more day of shooting before our cast & crew finally take a well deserved break. Halfway through 214, which will blow your minds. Truly,” he stated.

In an interview with TV Line, executive producer Greg Berlanti also hinted that the storyline only gets better after the finale of the first half calling it “the two craziest episodes that we’ve ever done and probably two of my favorite episodes ever.” He added that “there’s incredible, incredible stuff” for “a bunch of the characters, including Iris. It’ll be really exciting to watch.”

Episodes 13 and 14 are expected to showcase a sinister character from the original source material named Geomancer also known as Adam Fells. He will wreak havoc across Central City. He will be played by actor Adam Stafford.

Created by chief creative officer Geoff Johns and comic book writer David S. Goyer, Geomancer will use his ability to summon earthquakes to beat the Justice Society and the speedster.

According to Design N Trend, the touted new antagonist is described as “a dangerous meta-human with the unique ability to create earthquakes. Intent on destroying the Flash, Geomancer uses his powers to unleash a string of targeted earthquakes, optimistic that he’ll draw out the Flash for a mano-a-mano fight to see who’s the most powerful metahuman in Central City.”

Based on the comics, Adam used to be a hired gunman who was attacking an African village. Afterwards, he was recruited to become member of the Injustice Society alongside Icicle.

New episode of “The Flash” is slated to be released on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016 at 8 P.M.