'The Flash' season 2: Grant Gustin discusses show's optimism


“The Flash” main star Grant Gustin said in a recent interview that despite all the pain and hardship that his character Barry Allen had gone through in the series in this season so far, the show still remains “optimistic.”

ComicBook.com recently caught up with Gustin during the press event that announced the fall schedules under The CW Television Network, The CW Upfronts. Following the highly successful second season of the showwith its season finale to air this Tuesday, May 24the show will return this fall, sometime around October to November.

“He’ll find a way to deal with this,” Gustin said about what his character Barry had gone through. Throughout the season, Barry found a new friend and mentor in the person of Jay Garrick, the Earth 2 The Flash. However, later on, it was revealed that Jay is actually the season’s major villain, the evil speedster Zoom.

After that, Barry lost his powers in order to save Wally West from the hands of Zoom. As if that is not yet enough, Barry witnessed his beloved father Henry Allen get murdered in front of him by none other than Zoom.

“We won’t lose it,” the actor said, talking about the optimistic vibe that the show has been known for. “I will be adamant! I don’t know what’s going to happen in season 3, how they’re going to write it, where they’re going to go, but Berlanti and Kreisberg and Geoff I actually don’t know how closely Geoff’s involved anymore but all those guys know The Flash better than anybody, and they know that he has to have the optimism.”

As for the finale episode, it appears that it will pick up from the same exact moment where the penultimate episode left off. Gustin, in the interview, seem to have gone emotional.

“There’s really nothing to even say,” the actor said. “We literally pick up with the exact moment that we left off in the last episode, so it’s just – there’s no words.”

“The Flash” will air its season finale on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 8 P.M.