'The Flash' season 2: Keiynan Lonsdale discusses Wally West, sibling rivalry with Barry


“The Flash” will be having yet another speedster in the teamor at least someone who will soon be oneas a familiar character makes his debut in the midseason finale episode. Wally West enters the scene, the long lost son of Joe and brother of Iris, as he comes “home” for the holidays. Played by “Divergent” star Keiynan Lonsdale, the actor revealed that Wally’s arrival in Central City would bring in some kind of “sibling rivalry” with Barry, and that he won’t be the speedster Wally just yet.

In an interview with Blastr, Lonsdale revealed that Wally’s entrance in “The Flash” will have him fit in to a new world. Moreover, the familiar world of other characters will be shaken with his arrival.

“You’re going to see Wally there for the first time, and it’s going to shake things up,” Lonsdale said. “He’s going to step into the world that is ‘The Flash,’ and the West family, trying to figure out how he’s going to deal with Joe and Iris, and Barry as well and how they feel about him. There’s a lot of that going forward. We’ll see how much you get to see in the next episode [laughs], but I can say it’s a nice introduction.”

However, he will not be another The Flash or Kid Flash just yet. According to the actor, Wally will start as an ordinary person and will build up all the way to his future.

“He’s just a regular kid at this point, and he doesn’t become Kid Flash or anything just yet,” he continued. “But, he’s into drag racing. That’s his ‘thing,’ or his ‘job’ as you might say, at the moment. That’s his passion. Plus, it leads in with the speed and all that.”

And with his arrival to the West family, how would he fit in? Being the biological son of Joe, Wally would find some kind of rivalry with Barry, as the latter had been like a real son to the West family. Likewise, Barry had been with them in a significantly longer time than Wally himself.

“I will say, it’s not an easy relationship. You might see some sibling rivalry develop, because he’s stepping into a family he doesn’t know, and he has a father and sister he doesn’t know.”

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