'The Flash' season 2 news: Danielle Panabaker discusses Killer Frost being added to Team Flash


The most recent episode of “The Flash,” titled “Welcome to Earth 2,” showed fans the much awaited appearance of Dr. Caitlyn Snow and Ronnie Raymond as Killer Frost and Deathstorm, respectively, among other things. With the event that led to Zoom killing Deathstorm, would Earth 2 Caitlyn Snow join forces with The Flash and his team in the mission to save the daughter of Harrison Wells and take down Zoom once and for all? It appears that while it may be very likely, it is not something that fans can expect to be a major turns of the tables for villainous Killer Frost.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, actress Danielle Panabaker said that while Killer frost would want to help out in taking down Zoom, her fear of the evil speedster would prevent her from being of any big help to the team. With that fear of Zoom in her mind, it appears that Killer Frost won’t fully take the sides of the heroes to get revenge against the villain who killed the man of her life, Ronnie Raymond.

“If Zoom kills your partner, would you really be that quick to defy him?” Panabaker said, who also plays her metahuman villain mirror self from Earth 2. “I’m not sure that she’s going to be their best source of assistance. It’s tough for her. It’s Zoom and Zoom’s scary to everyone, even if you’re a villain and working for him. Clearly he doesn’t have any qualms about killing anyone who angers him, which makes him even scarier. For Killer Frost, it continues to terrify her. Zoom is no one to be messed with.”

In the new trailer The CW released for the upcoming episode “Escape From Earth 2,” Killer Frost was seen to be working in some way with the team of Harrison Wells and the Earth 2 Iris West.

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays.