'The Flash' season 2 news: Andrew Kreisberg discusses Zoom's identity reveal


After nine episodes throughout the second season and after having multiple encounters with Barry and the entire Team Flash, the face behind the mask of the villainous speedster Zoom was finally revealedand it’s been someone who had been with them the entire time, or so as it appeared.

“Zoom’s identity has been revealed: He is Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a Jay Garrick,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. While the reveal triggered a lot of questions, Kreisberg said that fans will understand the situation when the show returns after going on a month-long break. “How all of that plays out and what’s actually happening, we’ll leave for after the break,” Kreisberg added.

The entire “he’s part of the team” villain reveal had been old music already, with Harrison Wellswhich is actually only Wells in the outside, but is actually Eobard Thawne from the futurebeing the Reverse Flash in the first season. However, the impact of the team eventually discovering the truth about the identity of Zoom is a much larger reveal than that of the first season villain identity drop.

“It’s an even larger betrayal than last year in some ways, because they’re all going to feel like they should’ve been inoculated against it,” the executive producer said. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

However, Kreisberg had been guarded about the truth about the man in the iron mask that was found in Zoom’s lair, who had been frantic about the thought of “Jay Garrick.” According to Kreisberg, the show will be addressing that issue, and may event turn out to be a bigger reveal than that of Zoom’s identity.

“Just when we solve one mystery, we like to set up another one,” he shared. “The identity of the man in the [iron] mask is, in some ways, probably an even bigger surprise than this one, if you can imagine it. It’s a new mystery to pull you through the season. Barry swore he wasn’t going to leave him behind. Something tells me Barry’s going to make good on that promise.”

“The Flash” will return on March 22.