'The Flash' news: Andrew Kreisberg, Teddy Sears share thoughts on Jay Garrick, Velocity 6


The first part of this season’s crossover between “Arrow” and “The Flash” saw the introduction of one familiar formula from the original comic booksthe first iteration of the “Velocity” serum, the Velocity 6.

As fans from the comic books may recall, the Velocity 9 formula plays a big part in “The Flash” mythos. In the series, the first Velocity 6 was developed by Caitlin Snow and Harry Wells to give Barry Allen the speed boost with the hopes of catching up to Zoom. The serum was proposed by Wells to be tested on Jay Garrick, but Garrick refuses.

In the recent press screening of the two-part crossover episodes, actor Teddy Sears talked about the future of Jay Garrick as he remains powerless on this Earth.

“I think Jay shows up with this struggle with, ‘Who am I now that I’m not this guy?'” said Sears. “This guy that was able to do a lot of good when he had the Speed Force. He’s wrestling with his identity in a way, and adapting to life without it. He’s not jonesing for a fix or anything, but he’s aware of what potential Velocity 6 has on his life, but he’s also very clear about, ‘I don’t want to go down that path.’ But I think like anyone who has seen the other side, there are haunting memories of what could have been.”

During the same event, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg also talked about what fans can expect from the introduction of the “Velocity” formula. Could this play a big part in defeating the new powerful villain Zoom?

“If you’re a fan of the comics, you know that a big part is ‘Velocity 9,’ and today you met ‘Velocity 6,'” Kreisberg said. “It’s safe to say that there will be a few more iterations of that formula. How it plays out, and how it works, and who uses it, and the effects that it has, that’s something you’ll have to watch.”

“The Flash” airs Tuesdays on The CW. The show’s midseason finale will air next week.