'The Flash' midseason premiere: Tone Bell joins cast as new Picture News boss


“The Flash” will soon be seeing a new boss for Iris West, as comedian Tone Bell has been recently cast to take over the role of the boss for Central City Picture News.

According to a report by Variety, comedian Tone Bell was cast to join the hit comic book show for its second part of the season. The previous boss of Central City Picture News Erik Larkinplayed by Tom Butlerwas killed by Earth 2 villain Dr. Light, who is the metahuman alternate version of Linda Park, played by Malese Jow.

Tone Bell will be entering the show as the character Scott Evans, who is described as “the brash new editor at Central City Picture News. Devoted to hard journalism, Evans will push Iris (Candice Patton) and all his reporters to dig deeper into their stories and report the truth about what’s really happening in Central City.” Will he dig deep enough to discover the real identity of The Flash?

Bell is currently part of the NBC series “Truth Be Told,” which was recently trimmed down to a mere 10 episodes. He will soon also star, write, and produce a half-hour scripted comedy feature that will air on FX, which will be based on his own life.

In other news, The CW recently released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming midseason premiere of “The Flash.” After its return from its winter break, the show will see Barry Allen wanting to tell the truth about his identity as The Flash to his new girlfriend Patty Spivot. Unfortunately, the decision to do so seem to have put Patty in danger as the Earth-2 supervillain Zoom makes her a new target. In the midseason premiere, Barry will learn that every secret comes with a price.

“The Flash” returns on Jan. 19 on The CW.