'The Exorcist' series news: Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels lead the cast


After causing nightmares to its viewers and readers, “The Exorcist” is all set to come back and sow further horror and paranoia, as the lead characters for its small screen adaptation have finally been revealed. Actors Alfonso Herrera of “Sense 8” and “The Chosen” fame and Ben Daniels of “House of Cards” have sealed the deal for their portrayal of Father Tomas Ortega and Father Marcus, respectively, for Fox TV’s version of the globally known horror story.

The upcoming small screen incarnation of “The Exorcist” is said to be a modern take on the story of William Peter Blatty’s 1971 book and its big screen version. The script for the TV series version is penned by Jeremy Slater, who also wrote the story for the 2015 “Fantastic Four” movie.

“The Exorcist” TV series will feature Herrera’s Father Tomas and Daniels’ Father Marcus tackling a certain family’s case of hair-raising demonic possession. Father Tomas is described as someone who is “warm, selfless, and compassionate.” He leads a small church in the TV series. On the other hand, Father Marcus is described as the “holy warrior.” He carries out a demon-driving-away job that is no longer acknowledged, at least publicly, by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Exorcist” movie, from which the upcoming TV series is based on, was a global hit and etched the name of Linda Blair to the memories of horror movie fans. The movie allegedly experienced a great deal of difficulties during its production, such as being turned down by directors, suspicions that the set was cursed, unfavorable weather conditions for its outdoor shots, and the crew getting sick. Nonetheless, all the troubles that the production went through proved to be worth it as the film became a global box-office success, earning more than $ 400 million.

Meanwhile, Cinema Blend opines that it is difficult to be optimistic about “The Exorcist” TV series even though its story will be penned by a trusted writer. It points out that the movie version was exceptionally crafted, and it is likely that the TV version will fall short of excellence.