'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date: Possible 'The Elder Scrolls VI' announcement at E3 2017?


Bethesda would probably bring some huge names in the gaming world to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next year, and one of those might be “The Elder Scrolls VI.” In an interview with Metro, Bethesda’s Pete Hines talked about games the company has been working on, and he revealed that they might showcase some of their upcoming games at the E3 event.

While Hines did not mention what they will present at E3 2017, it is no secret that “The Elder Scrolls VI” is currently being developed.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard confirmed it himself on YouTube’s Live at E3 stream in June. However, he also said that, while the game was under development, it was still “a very long way off.”

While “The Elder Scrolls” fans were excited to hear the news, Howard stated that they were working on a couple of huge projects that would probably be announced before “The Elder Scrolls VI.” Could those projects be the ones unveiled at E3 2017 and not “The Elder Scrolls VI”?

Furthermore, Hines clarified that they were not working on the game yet, but they would eventually.

While Bethesda it is possible may not be announcing the game at E3 2017, sources say an unveiling next year is still highly likely. But Bob Fekete of iDigitalTimes refutes this claim as he explains that the game will probably take a long time to develop. He made a good point by saying Bethesda will probably announce “The Elder Scrolls VI” a few months before its release, like what they did with “Fallout 4,” and not years before it comes out.

The article goes on to say that by analyzing Bethesda’s previous releases, the game will probably be under development for another year or two.

While waiting for “The Elder Scrolls VI,” fans can check out the upcoming “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Special Edition, which will hit the shelves on Oct. 28.