'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date news: Game is not yet in development, says Bethesda


“The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim” is arguably the most successful in “The Elder Scrolls” series of action role-playing fantasy open world video games from Bethesda Game Studios. But its popularity, coupled with several follow-up downloadable contents (DLC) along the way, could very well be the reason why a new installment hasn’t been released for quite some time now.

The fifth installment was released back in 2011, so “The Elder Scrolls 6” can literally be described as half a decade overdue. Right after “Skyrim” was launched there already was talk about what the next game would be. But five years since the launch, Bethesda has remained defiant in discussing the development or at least a plan for a sixth generation title. In fact, fans of the game should expect some more delay on the release of the upcoming video game after Bethesda decided to instead launch a remastered version of “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim,” announced in last month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

According to Bethesda, the tweaked version of the existing title comes with all the DLC content, and with the updated graphics, it’ll be like playing a whole new game. Although it’s good news that there’s a fresh update, it however corresponds to the sixth game being delayed once again. The fact that there was no announcement for “The Elder Scrolls 6” in E3 2016 means it may not even be in the development stage at the moment.

A recent report quoted Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard saying that they have not created a team that will build the sixth game of the video game series since there are other projects that the game developer is currently preoccupied with right now. This was supported by Pete Hines, the company’s PR and marketing vice president, when he said that there currently is no official plan of developing the game yet.

There’s nothing wrong in hoping, but fans of “The Elder Scrolls” video game series are left with no choice as of the moment but to be contented with the remastered version of “Skyrim.”