'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date news: launch of 'Skyrim Special Edition' delays 'TES 6'


It may be pretty accurate to say that game developer Bethesda opted to focus on the release of “The Elders Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition” to measure its success and eventually gauge that success with the prospect of launching the rumored next installment in the series, “The Elder Scrolls 6.” While a lot of people will claim that the launch of the updated “Skyrim” game is a sign that the sixth installment is no longer in development, one can actually look at it as a positive indication that Bethesda is indeed giving importance to this franchise.

Even though the attention right now is on the remastered version of “Skyrim,” there is no shortage of rumors about “TES 6.” In fact, one rumor has it that the game will be taking place in Argonia, the only remaining area in Tamriel that has not been showcased in the video game franchise.

Since the game is long overdue, it is easy to speculate that it will be featuring substantially upgraded gameplay and graphics, especially given that the special edition “Skyrim” already offers loads of changes.

So the only question that remains is this: Will “The Elder Scrolls 6” really happen in the near future? Unfortunately, Bethesda has remained committed to keeping itself totally mum and silent about its development, provided that it is being worked on. But if one is to consider Bethesda vice president for PR and marketing Peter Hines’ previous statements via Twitter, it looks more like it could be at least a year before any official pronouncement about the game is made. He has expressed over and over that the company isn’t working on it for the moment.

For the fans of this popular action role-playing fantasy video game series, it looks like more waiting is expected, but at least there’s the recently released “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition” to keep themselves busy for a while.