'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date, news: Improved leveling system may be a good idea for sequel


Mum as Bethesda Game Studios may be about “The Elder Scrolls VI,” the game is pretty much penciled in the grand scheme of things. And if there is anything that fans can do during the waiting game for the sequel, it is that they also have more time to concoct their ideal presentation of the title as a way to keep them occupied. Admittedly, some ideas might be entirely ludicrous while others suggest an ingenious way that Todd Howard, Pete Hines and company might just adopt to the project.

Subscribing to this notion, Gaming Bolt published what they think Bethesda can work on for the sequel. Carrying over the leveling system from its predecessor, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” the game developer might improve on it and then release it for its follow-up.

For quite some time, gamers thought that this would be the case moving forward especially with the positive response it got when it first launched. However, the feature seemed to have been shoved to the side as “Fallout 4” came with perks-based premiums once again. However, it worked pretty well for the aforementioned game given it’s kind of role-playing game (RPG) has more balanced skill sets and character traits.

The mechanics for rewards proved to be much enjoyable and useful in the course of playing “The Elder Scrolls V” and it will be interesting if Bethesda adopts the feature with some improvements in “The Elder Scrolls VI”.

As of now, no one really knows what the plans for the supposed sequel are. There have been previous rumors suggesting that “The Elder Scrolls VI” will be crafted in a way that will cater to next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scorpio. This in itself is possible with Bethesda reiterating that the title is nowhere near release. In fact, they claim that they have not even started with its production as they have other games lined up ahead of it.