'The Elder Scrolls 6' news: What fans have in their wishlist for the future game


Even though Bethesda Softworks has shot down all hopes of an upcoming installment to the acclaimed “Elder Scrolls” saga in a recent tweet, this didn’t stop fans from airing their thoughts on what the game should improve on and what they would like to see next.

One of the more popular speculations in a Reddit discussion was about making the battles more meaningful by adding impact to it. With the current “Skyrim” expansion boasting spawns of draugr armies, there are some fans who quickly grow tired of mashing through numerous enemies without a goal in mind.

Several fans have different perceptions on how it can be done. Some would argue on bringing the difficulty up a notch to make it more exciting for veteran players. Others have a more specific approach they would like to see, such as a unique strategy on how to kill a certain boss or a group of enemies against the simple mashing of attack buttons.

Another point fans would like to make in the said discussion is the ability to rebuild lost cities, such as Kvatch. The idea appealed to other players in such a way that it can potentially add to the flexibility of the game itself, giving more control to the player.

Digital Spy is a bit more direct with what would be at the top of the wishlist. Better graphics would mean a crisper environment, immersing more players in the make-believe world for hours. Magic was also a part of the major improvements the future installment should have, comparing it to how “Skyrim” pales to the magic mechanics of “Morrowind” and “Oblivion.”

Gaming Bolt adds to the list by explaining how Bethesda can make the galloping steeds even more useful, and not just for transportation. Adding more functionality, such as opening new worlds or combat events would be enticing than just being a mere tool of movement in the open world.

A lot of other speculations will surely arise, but it is certain that the idea of having “The Elder Scrolls 6” captures the imaginations of loyal players.