'The Blacklist' season 4 spoilers: official premiere date announced


NBC has recently confirmed  the official return date for “The Blacklist,” which is scheduled to be on Sept. 22.

The fourth iteration of the crime thriller was ordered by the network even before season 3 ended, evidence of its growing popularity. Given this, “The Blacklist” was able to hone the perfect chapter capper that involved revealing Liz’s (Megan Boone) fake death and the brewing mystery of her real father.

While a huge percentage of fans believed that the FBI special consultant’s death was nothing but a bogus development, there were almost none who expected that the elusive Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) to be her father. Nevertheless, “The Blacklist” seemed to have outdone itself with this cliffhanger-laden season. Instead of dragging the ongoing plot point until the next season, it was resolved just before the end of season 3. The show was then able to introduce a new plot point that will serve as the main narrative next season.

On top of that, things will get a little bit more complicated because aside from Liz going behind Red’s (James Spader) back, she will also have to face a possible all-out war between Red and Kirk. It is no secret that the two men have had an ugly history with each other and because of that, Liz may be caught in the middle.

“That’s definitely a cliffhanger for next year,” executive producer John Eisendrath told Entertainment Weekly‘s Natalie Abrams with regards to the real identity of Kirk. “It’s definitely an, ‘Oh my God, who really is this person, what’s his agenda and what is going to happen to Liz?’ We’re left with Red and everyone aware of the fact that Liz is alive, and she’s also been abducted.”

Eisendrath’s comments supplement his previous statement explaining that Kirk’s narrative will be a main arc in season 3. He spilled, “All of the things that you would point to and add up on one side of the ledger that might discount this guy’s story about his being her father, we are responsible for next year and in years to come to incorporate it into the story that we’ve already told.”

Beginning Sept. 22, “The Blacklist” season 4 will air every Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.