The Blacklist season 3: will romance finally blossom for Red and Liz in next season?


The Blacklist season 2 finale had indeed brought about a game changing turn of events, as fans see Red Reddington and Elizabeth Keen now both on the run from the FBI, Cooper being replaced in position by Agent Ressler, and Tom Keen in dilemma between helping the duo or joining the FBI on the manhunt for them.

Throughout the entire run of the series so far, the status of the relationship between the characters red and Liz have been teased for many times, but is never actually delved into. Do they have anything romantic for each other? Or are they just really good best friends? Will fans finally get to know what they really have for each other when season 3 comes? In a previous interview, Boone calls it a “confusing” kind of love.

“I think people see how much Red loves her. I think that will have to be answered. How do you love someone that deeplyno matter what the circumstances, but especially when the circumstances are mysterious?”

As the show got its much-expected season 3 renewal, actress Megan Boone, who plays Elizabeth Keen, promises something new for the show, in an interview with Zap2it, with what happened in the last season’s finale.

“Season 3 is going to be the same characters but a different show, a very different dynamic,” she says. “Because now Liz Keen is no longer working within the law.”

“If you break open the entire task force, then it will be challenging to try to find the procedural aspect of the show again,” adds Boone. “With 22 episodes a year, it does benefit the show to have some kind of formula, but we are going to sort of break open a lot of the structure of the show.”

Will fans get to see some relationship progress between red and Liz? Will Tom help the duo, or join the task force in hunting them down? Tune in to find out!

The Blacklist returns for its third season Thursdays this fall on NBC.