'The Blacklist' news: Show renewed for season 4; series creator teases Liz's journey to dark side 'may just be getting started'


Fans of NBC’s hit procedural thriller series “The Blacklist” may be delighted to find out that their favorite show has been officially renewed by its home network. The good news was revealed recently as the series lead by James Spader and Megan Boone is currently on a short hiatus for the holidays.

According to Screen Rant, “The Blacklist” has been experiencing a dip in ratings since last season when its timeslot was shifted from Monday to Thursday primetime airing. It even lost a full point on the average 18-49 advertising demography. However, the changes seem to be beneficial as the targeted viewer population doubled since the schedule was changed.

During his appearance in a podcast called “The Blacklist Exposed,” creator Jon Bokenkamp shared, “We knew about that a while ago, it’s one of those things that’s hard to keep quiet. But yes, we’re renewed through the fourth season.”

As Boone’s character Elizabeth Keen became a fugitive being helped by Spader’s Raymond Reddington to get off the FBI’s radar while also trying to survive the attacks of the mysterious group Cabal, Bokenkamp teased that it will be interesting to see how the narrative will unfold.

He added that fans should be reminded that the show’s heroine has murdered a man in cold blood and her journey to the dark side “may just be getting started.” Red’s true connection to Liz’s parents is also one of the elements of the show that is yet to be revealed.

After the mid-season finale where Liz was taken by her former colleagues and fell off the chair to the floor seemingly on the brink of death, viewers will find out if she will survive the several threats to her life when the show returns on Jan. 7, 2016 at 9 P.M.