'The Big Bang Theory' season 9 news: Bernadette is pregnant, producer says timing felt organic after nine seasons


Valentine’s Day proved to be eventful for the guys of “The Big Bang Theory” and their partners, as one mishap after another happens to the gang.

In a report by TVLine, Howard and Bernadette’s plans to get romantic in their newly purchased hot tub went awry when they found a rodent floating in the tub. The animal later turned out to be a rabbit who they nursed back to health, but unfortunately ended up biting Howard, prompting them to seek medical care.

Raj, in the hopes of exploring his relationship with screenwriter Claire, broke up with Emily. Unfortunately, Claire did not feel the same way about him and eventually went back to her boyfriend.

Sheldon and Amy, who are now co-hosting the renamed web show “Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler Present Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Fun With Flags” were not spared from the Valentines’ Day drama as Raj and Barry tok the opportunity to phone in and ask for love advice from the couple.

Leonard and Penny, despite their best intentions of having a special romantic dinner, ended up in a fastfood joint after bribing, cajoling, and seducing the matre d’ failed to get them seated in the nice restaurant they originally booked.

While the episode was not short on laughs, there was one important detail that Bernadette failed to tell her husband, and it seemed that the gang will soon be getting ready to welcome a new addition.

It is expected that for the show’s upcoming episode titled “The Positive Negative Reaction,” the show will finally get into the details of Bernadette’s pregnancy.

According to showrunner Steve Molaro, Bernadette’s pregnancy was not exactly planned but felt organic with the flow of the story.

“Having a baby in real life and in a show, it seems like there’s never going to be a really clear and appropriate time. If it seemed like the obvious time, it wouldn’t be exciting for us to do it. Babies take a long time to come. This baby wouldn’t be due until halfway through season 10 of the show. We’re in the middle of our ninth year, why not now?!” he explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.