'The Big Bang Theory' news: Gang celebrates Sheldon's birthday in 200th episode; Adam West guest stars


“The Big Bang Theory” has a couple of surprises in store for its viewers as it prepares to air its 200<sup>th episode this week.

Based on the episode synopsis for “The Celebration Experimentation,” the gang will try to celebrate Sheldon’s birthday. However, he isn’t really a big fan of his special day because of experiences in his past.

Still, the gang will pushgh through with their planned surprise to make their friend’s day special, even going so far as to get Adam West, who played television’s original Batman to arrive as a guest.

In an interview with showrunner Steven Molaro, getting Adam West on board was something they wanted to do for a long time and are finally excited to accomplish.

“We’d been trying to get him for a while. We tried last season and came pretty close. We were super excited to get him this year; it’s always tricky when actors are playing themselves. But he was incredibly nice and deeply funny. He’s pretty comfortable [with ‘best Batman’ comparisons,” he said.

Molaro, however, did not specifically state how old Sheldon is on the show and chose to peg him in his mid 30s.

The 200<sup>th episode will air on Feb 25 on CBS.

Meanwhile, “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco recently appeared in “The Ellen Degeneres Show” to talk about the show’s 200<sup>th episode and her breakup with husband Ryan Sweeting.

The star shared with Ellen a recent post on her Instagram account showing her getting the tattoo of her anniversary date with Sweeting covered up with a tattoo of a moth.

However, Cuoco did not mention why she deleted her Instagram account to Ellen during the interview, leading some to believe that she may not want to be bothered by the negative comments on her one and only social media account.

Her dog’s account, Norman Cook, however, remains active.