'The Big Bang Theory' season 10 news: Creator Chuck Lorre explains why a live audience is pivotal


“The Big Bang Theory” continues to be one of the most popular shows on TV even after 9 years. Show creator Chuck Lorre credits a chunk of the show’s longevity to the unique set-up that the series takes on with the actors performing with a live audience watching.

“There’s a terrific vulnerability when you’re working in front of a live audience. There are no tricks involved. There’s no editing or post-production magic. It’s very vulnerable. And I would guess that vulnerability is part of the appeal. When it truly works, it’s great,” Lorre spilled to Variety on the importance of visitors watching their filming in the flesh.

The same format was also used by the ’90s pop cult show “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” which interestingly is oftentimes compared to “The Big Bang Theory.” Both shows tackle the friendship of six core characters, with some romance mixed in to further complicate the dynamic. And while the sitcoms differ in premise, it is the interaction of the highly diverse cast that has always been their backbone.

Lorre, who is definitely no stranger to sitcoms, has a slew of successful shows over the years aside from “The Big Bang Theory.” This includes “Two and a Half Men” and “Mom.” Arguably, with his experience, the 63-year-old knows what works and what does not when it comes to comedy. Still, he uses the live viewers to gauge which jokes illicit chuckles and which ones fall flat.

“It’s ridiculous to assume it’s [going to be] funnier at home in your living room,” he continued explaining. “So when we shoot in front of a live audience, when something’s not working, when it’s not generating a visceral laugh, we rewrite it. But we don’t put it on television if it’s not working in front of a live audience.”

Coming into their 10th year on the air, “The Big Bang Theory” continues to evolve with multiple relationships significantly developing during its latest chapter. Moving forward, fans can expect that the series will only delve deeper on what they have already established narrative-wise.

No return date has been set for season 10 of “The Big Bang Theory.”