'The Bachelorette' season 11 spoilers: Reality Steve predicts former Bachelor Nick Viall rejected a second time


As the eleventh and latest season of The Bachelorette starts the show with action (men battling it out on the ring) and things heating up (Kupah suddenly eliminated), fans got what is possibly the biggest set of spoilers for the entire season.

Reality TV blogger RealitySteve.com recently released what he claims to be episode-by-episode spoilers for the entire The Bachlorette season. It discussed the dates/group dates for each episodes, key moments, and who gets eliminated each week. But among all of them, here are biggest spoilers and updates regarding our Bachelorette Kaitlyn and her group of hopeful men, according to this avid and often accurate reality blogger.

And will he be right?  You’ll just have to wait and watch to find out!

  • Fighting time for men

After throwing punches at each other in the boxing ring for the week’s date rose, the guys will then be thrown into sumo wrestling. The men seem to be now literally fighting for the heart of their chosen Bachelorette. During the sumo wrestling, a male bachelor, Tony, approaches Kaitlyn, says that he is leaving voluntarily. Tony is known to be “anti-violence.”

  • Kaitlyn eliminates men abruptly, even cancels the rose ceremony:

After the sudden and tension-filled elimination of Kupah, a very cocky and overly aggressive Clint was sent away by the Bachelorette herself. Kaitlyn cancelled the rose ceremony for the week afterwards.

  • Nick returnsonly to get dumped again

Nick Viall from season 10 returns as one of the bachelors hoping to win Kaitlyn’s heart. Sadly, he gets dumped all over again.

  • There will never be a Final 4

At the point where the bachelors are now just down to six men, Kaitlyn then sent home three of them at the same time, making it the final three, rather than the usual four. They also didn’t do the usual hometown dates, and jumped directly to the overnight dates.

  • Kaitlyn walks away SINGLE

Finally, it all comes down two tow guysNick and Shawn. Who will Kaitlyn chose to be the love of her life? The answer is NO ONE. She rejected both men, chose not to date with them even after Bachelorette, and simply walked away as a single woman.

If this is true, this will make for a truly interesting finale to ABC’s hit series! 

The Bachelorette, now on its fourth episode, airs Mondays on ABC.