'The Bachelorette' rumors: Caila Quinn tops speculations on new lead


Although ABC has not yet announced anything about “The Bachelorette” for this year, rumors are already circulating online about who may be chosen as the bachelorette.

RealitySteve posted on March 3 through his Twitter account that sources have confirmed that Caila will be the next bachelorette.

This was further supported by a report of Us Weekly, where it claimed that an eyewitness told them that Caila Quinn was seen shooting her “Bachelorette” introduction video in her hometown of Hudson, Ohio on Friday, March 4.

Another speculation came out saying that ABC already chose the next lady to headline the said reality show. The Hollywood Life claimed that sources stated that Quinn and Amanda Stanton are being eyed by the producers.

The source said, “The ‘Bachelor’ producers have their eye on Caila Quinn for filling the role of the next ‘Bachelorette.’ They feel like she’s the whole package and that both men and women really like her and want to see her as the ‘Bachelorette.’ We only say a bit of who she really is on ‘The Bachelor.’ She’s quite dynamic and funny, not to mention incredibly smart and beautiful. The network feels like she has a huge future and they want to nurture her career as a TV personality. Amanda Stanton is also being considered. She’s very likable with the viewers and the producers like the fact she’s a single mother with two young girls.”

In another report by CP Entertainment, the top four choices point to Caila Quinn, Jojo Fletcher, Amanda Stanton, and Becca Tilley.

As of this time, ABC has not confirmed anything about the next “Bachelorette,” so fans will just have to watch out as to who will win the heart of “The Bachelor’s” Ben Higgins.