'The Bachelorette' news: First black bachelorette announced


After 33 seasons, “The Bachelor” has finally been diversified. For the first time, the hit reality TV series has an African-American woman to take the lead for its spin-off, “The Bachelorette.”

Rachel Lindsay was introduced on Monday on the show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” with the help of Chris Harrison. The 31-year-old lawyer from Dallas, Texas would be the next to find love on TV. She is the first non-Caucasian woman to star in the ABC dating show.

“We’re ready to get started. I’m ready to find love, find a husband,” the Dallas native happily informed the viewers. She jested that anyone who would like to apply can go ahead and sign up.

Lindsay is a part of the current season of the “The Bachelor.” However, the leading man, Nick Viall, has his eyes focused on another lady, so he bid goodbye to the young attorney.

“It wasn’t long after I got off the show that I was approached,” Lindsay told Kimmel when asked about how and when the “The Bachelor” production team invited her to lead the upcoming “The Bachelorette” season.

“I honestly thought that they were just doing it just to make me feel better from the heartbreak,” Lindsay jokingly shared. “As it kept going, I realized ‘okay, they’re actually serious about this thing'” she added.

As for her ideal man, the confident Lindsay stated that she’s seeking for someone who’s ready to settle down and ready to start a family similar to how she is now. As for the qualities, she wants a partner-in-life that can make her laugh and that has a “great smile.”

Kimmel, then, gave the keys of “The Bachelor” mansion to the excited young lady.

Prior to the official announcement, series creator Mike Fleiss hinted the “historic” event.

“We’ve decided to let our friend @jimmykimmel make the historic announcement during tomorrow night’s show,” Fleiss posted on Twitter.

“The Bachelorette” season 13 will premiere on May 22 on ABC.